Investment Approach

Our mission is to bring impact to life by supporting the sustainable transition of global companies within renewable energy and energy efficiency, resource optimization, and societal health, while ensuring competitive financial returns. 

Our market position drives deal flow

Our ticket size is between DKK 250-750 million, which means that we focus on the “missing middle”: the growth stage, where profitable companies need to scale and where the established infrastructure needs to be expanded.

We have entered a partnership with the Danish pension fund Velliv, which has committed DKK 5 billion to our Fund I.

Our Fund I is focused on creating a positive impact in Denmark and the neighboring Nordic countries. 


Selectivity + Deal Flow = Successful Investments

Investment opportunities are sourced through networks in the industry, sector-specific analysis, proactive dialogue with potential partners and relations to international investors and private equity funds. 

We leverage our institutional knowledge as well as industry and investment experience to select tangible, attractive impact investment opportunities. 

Through a deep analysis of sector, company, industry, regulation, ESG, and impact we ensure that investments meet the criteria for impact and financial return. 

Unique Sourcing & Positioning

Our unique deal flow sourcing is driven by many years of experience in investments, partnerships and industry insights. 

We have access to the best private equity funds on the market as well as the relevant market players, ensuring a unique and diversified deal flow across asset classes, sectors and countries. This also provides a unique opportunity for sparring with global players in the field. 

Our partners and employees have extensive experience in the industry with a long track record in design and investment in unlisted assets, financial due diligence, M&A and partnerships with relevant players.