Bringing impact to life

Core Sustainability Capital is a private equity firm that invests in Nordic companies with sustainable impact as their core value.

Anchoring sustainability across our portfolio

CS Capital was born from a desire to link impact to financial performance.
Our ambition is to create a cluster of sustainable investments that reflects a best-practice, impact-driven portfolio.

We are dedicated to creating impact within our three investment pillars – renewable energy and energy efficiency, resource optimization, and societal health. We invest in technologies that can generate not only attractive returns but also a measurable, positive impact on the planet.

At CS Capital, we invest with the intention of generating environmental and/or social impact alongside a financial return. We focus on the development stage, where profitable companies need to scale.

Our value proposition lies in taking active ownership of our investments and providing support in lifting our assets to the highest standards within sustainability. Our approach to sustainability is based on our impact framework that ensures alignment with regulations, as well as leading global standards and metrics for measuring and reporting impact.

CS Capital’s Projects


We are happy to share our investment in Norne Carbon Storage Hub, set to become one of the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”) facilities in the EU.

About us

Led by managing partners Per Frederiksen and Carsten Gröhn, the CS Capital team strives to be at the forefront of impact investing in the Nordic private equity ecosystem. Our partners and employees have extensive experience in the industry with a long track record in design and investment in unlisted assets, financial due diligence, M&A, and partnerships with relevant players. We have entered a partnership with the Danish pension fund Velliv, which has committed DKK 5 billion to our Fund I.